To be one of the best Chemical Engineering Departments recognized for excellence in developing students who excel in technical & innovation skills and are socially responsible.

⦁ To develop creative and technically sound chemical engineers.

⦁ To inculcate the spirit of innovation and creativity among students.

⦁ To develop and mentor socially responsible, environmentally conscious and ethically upright skilled professionals.

⦁ To motivate, empower and nurture a new generation of leaders.

PEO1: To prepare graduates who are socially responsible and contribute to society as educated, ethical citizens with proven expertise.

PEO2: To prepare students who are sound in their analytical, design and implementation skills.

PEO3: Graduates will undergo ongoing learning and professional development through self study, continuing education in technical and other allied fields.

PEO4: To prepare graduates who set a bench mark in communication, management, teamwork and leadership qualities in their respective fields.

PEO5: To prepare graduates who have a deep understanding of the practical concepts and awareness applied practically in the field.

PEO6: To develop graduates having leadership & communication skills.

PSO 1: Graduates will have an ability to design synthesis model simulate control and optimise chemical engineering process.

PSO 2: will have an ability to apply principles of chemical engineering for effective handling of unit operations and unit processes.

PSO 3: Graduates will be e able to work with soft skills and leadership qualities in industrial and professional field considering economics and safety of environment  and society.