In the pursuit of fostering a vibrant and dynamic research culture within our academic community, we are pleased to announce an upcoming event that holds immense promise for our faculty members, both seasoned and those in pursuit of their doctoral endeavors. The Research Projects and Consultancy Cell (RPC Cell) at our esteemed institution has been diligently working to create an environment where the seeds of innovative research can flourish, and the knowledge horizons can be continually expanded.
We have already embarked on this journey with a meeting that convened PhD faculty members, whether they have completed their doctoral journey or are currently immersed in it. The focal point of this gathering was the exploration of new STEM project proposals, offering invaluable insights into the art of crafting compelling proposals that stand out in the competitive realm of research.
The visionary leadership of our Principal has given birth to the Research Projects and Consultancy Cell. With its establishment, our institution has embraced a new era of motivation and support for our prospective faculty members. The initiation of a lecture series is just one of the many initiatives that RPC Cell has embarked upon. These lectures aim to provide foundational research inputs to beginners, guiding them toward the path of successful research endeavors.
As the convener of this cell, I am confident that these initiatives will prove invaluable to our faculty members. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to our dedicated student volunteers for their pivotal role in organizing these events and making them a reality.


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