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The prime objective of the Student Section is to assist the students for their various kinds of activities seeking from the institution such as Enrollment, Examination, scholarship,Student affairs and Certifications. Student Section performes following activities for the students.

⦁ Reporting and Registration of new admitted students (ACPC, MHRD and PMSSS)
⦁ Admission Cancellation process
⦁ GTU Enrollment forms related work
⦁ GTU Exam forms related work
⦁ Issuing I Card for new admitted students and duplicate I Card
⦁ Term Fee notification
⦁ Bus pass and Railway pass concession activity
⦁ Scholarship related work
⦁ Institute Transfer related matters
⦁ Distribution of Grade card and provisional certificate
⦁ Bonafide Certificates and Character Certificates for Pass out students and current student
⦁ Educational Verification of pass out students for third party and Government Agency
⦁ Transcript/Migration Certificates for other university