Message From Principal

Hope you and your family are all well and safe! Our (as well as for the country) primary concern now is on how to tide over this difficult phase of the pandemic. Firstly, I request you follow strictly the health guidelines provided by the state and centrals government agencies so as to help one another safeguard from the virus.
In a globally competitive world today, tumultuous changes are taking place. Even the nature of change is changing. Engineering education and services are no exception. Keeping in mind, the present and future engineering education and future integrative education, it is time we faced and accepted the challenge of preparing ethically, professionally, and intellectually successful engineering professionals who can provide services, goods and models. This has to be achieved under Make in India, as this vision is not confined to manufacturing units only. We, as a team, need to have breakthroughs, competitive-innovative-edge and thereby translate efforts into practice and services.
Engineering or technical skills honed on Western or borrowed anvils may not be any longer useful. The new world order calls for even newer combination of skills with newer perspectives. Techno + logical skills alone are not going to serve the purpose. The pluralistic worldview of engineering alone will help us serve the society and industry. Engineering is important but engineering ONLY is of no value. To add value, we have to have combination of values through our Indic wisdom tradition.