Government Engineering College, Bharuch is one of eight New Government Engineering Colleges established in July-2004. It was foresight to get talented engineers in the field of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Civil Engineering and Chemical Engineering. The institute offers an outstanding learning environment. Faculties are dedicated to provide the students global business capabilities required for success. The learning experience will be influenced by the most recent developments in the field and delivered by experienced teachers and experts from the field.

The academic programmes are recognized by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and college is affiliated to Gujarat Technological University, Ahmedabad. It is administrated by Education Department, Gujarat state.

About Bharuch City

Ancient Port City of Gujarat

Bharuch (formerly commonly known as Broach) in India, is a district in the southern part of the Gujarat peninsula on the west coast of state of Gujarat with a size and population comparable to that of Greater Boston. The Narmada River outlets into the Gulf of Khambat through its lands and that shipping artery gave inland access to the kingdoms and empires located in the central and northern parts of the sub-continent of India.

The city of Bharuch and its surrounds—today’s district—has been settled far back into antiquity and was a major shipping building center and sea port in the important pre-compass coastal trading routes to points West, perhaps as far back as the days of the Pharaohs, which utilized the regular and predictable Monsoon winds or galleys. Many goods from the Far East (the famed Spice and Silk trade) were trans-shipped there for the annual monsoon winds making it a terminus for several key land-sea trade routes and Bharuch was definitely known to the Greeks, the various Persian Emires and in the Roman Republic and Empire and other Western centers of civilization right on through the end of the European Middle Ages.

With the advent of the Age of Discovery, the presence of deep draft sea going shipping it began a long slow decline in importance as it was a bit too far north to be convenient to shipping not confined to keeping within sight of shore.


According to the 2011 census Bharuch district has a population of 1,550,822. This gives it a ranking of 321st in India (out of a total of 640). The district has a population density of 238 inhabitants per square KM (620/sq mi). Its population growth rate over the decade 2001-2011 was 13.14%. Bharuch has a sex ratio of 924 females for every 1000 males, and a literacy rate of 83.03%.

Notable personalities

  • Abdulahad Malik Cricketer in IPL for Rajasthan Royals . Born in Hansot.

  • Adam Patel, Baron Patel of Blackburn UK House of Lords.

  • Ahmed Patel Indian Parliamentarian for the Indian National Congress.

  • Professor Alimuddin Zumla Ennobled multi-award-winning (Medicine) Medic at a prestigious London University. (University College London)

  • Balwantray Thakore (1869–1952) Poet. Born in Bharuch. Notable works Bhankaar (1918; Dhara Paheli)Bhankaar (1928; Dhara Biji)Mhara Sonnet (1935)

  • Farooq Shaikh Actor, TV presenter and philanthropist. Ancestral village Hansot.

  • Kanaiyalal Maneklal Munshi (1887–1971) Indian independence movement activist, politician, writer and educationist. Born in the city of Bharuch.

  • Munaf Patel Indian pacer of Team India, He also a part of world cup winning team India in 2011 under captaincy of M.S Dhoni. He played IPL for Rajasthan Royals in 1st season, Later on he also played for Mumbai Indians. He played Duleep trophy, he was a member of Baroda cricket team.

  • Rashid Patel The former Indian left-arm seamer Rashid Patel was from bharuch.

  • Tribhuvandas Luhar (1908–1991) Poet. Born in Miyamatar.